Searching for English Garden Ornaments, Antique and New

Marcy Brown and I, Maureen Byron, wanted to offer the landscape and garden community the finest in planters, urns and other garden ornaments. We started on the back roads of England, actually the back roads of Cornwall 16 years ago. I was doing the driving, on the “wrong” side, creeping past the hedge rows and hoping I wouldn’t take off the side mirror. We were searching for garden antiques, lead artisans, stone carved wellheads with which to open Trellis & Trugs.   With beautiful granite troughs, Cast Iron Urns, stone spheres and hand cast English lead we opened in May of 1999.

English Barn on Staddle StonesAs we searched, we happened upon ornaments not seen very often in our gardens; Saddle Stones.   Originally created to protect crops, these mushroom shaped granite pillars were now used as focal points and accessories in many English gardens. Marcy and I were so excited to happen upon a grain barn supported by saddle stones.

Although antiques aren’t on our web site, we can find that one of a kind item. So please contact us for more information about our antique resources. is here to bring you on the journey.  Hand Cast English Lead, Italian Vicenza Limestone, European Zinc…and new items. We still offer you and your clients the most elegant, European made garden planters, fountains and ornaments such as wellheads, statues and seating. All without leaving your office

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